Cathedral School for Boys


The Cathedral School for Boys was constructed in the 1960s adjacent to one of San Francisco’s most revered landmarks – Grace Cathedral. A number of modifications and additions have been made to the original building filling up most of the site. A small footprint on top of an existing courtyard became the site for a small, two-story addition to allow the school to create two new rooms for collaborative teaching. Although on the side of the existing structure, the addition is the new heart of the school.

The new design includes renovation of the existing classrooms, which serves as an opportunity to re-orient the school’s floor plan. A large opening was created in the original corridor wall resulting in a new main hallway connecting the main entrance on Sacramento Street to the new heart of the school. The small addition includes a co-teaching room on the entrance level and a shared, learning commons for the upper school on the terrace level below. The light, steel structure and tall windows result in room filled with natural light, ones with breathtaking views of the Cathedral’s façade and stained glass windows just a few yards away.